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Swan, the head bartender at Bobo's, recently created this holiday cocktail, and everyone loves it. A frosty martini glass filled with this ruby-red cocoction is the perfect way to begin your evening.

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• 6 ounces Belvedere vodka
• 3 ounces Cointreau
• 4 rounded tablespoons pomegranate seeds
• 1 lime, cut in half
• 4 teaspoons superfine sugar, plus enough to coat the rims
• 2 round orange slices, cut in half
• 1/4 cup POM Wonderful (pomegranate juice)


Chill two martini glasses and sugar the rims. Place one rounded tablespoon of pomegranate seeds into the bottom of each glass.

In the bottom of a martini shaker, muddle one rounded tablespoon of pomegranate seeds with one half orange slice. Fill shaker with ice. Add 3 ounces Belvedere and 1.5 ounces Cointreau. Add a splash of pomegranate juice.

With a citrus squeezer, squeeze the juice from one lime half into the shaker, then drop the lime into the shaker. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar. Shake vigorously for approximately 60-90 seconds. Strain into a martini glass.

Repeat for the second glass. Garnish each martini with one of the remaning orange halves.

Here's to a memorable meal! Cheers...

How To Serve:

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