La Seine

The Seine River winds through the center of Paris like a sensuous, curving spine, arcing northward as it passes through, finally exiting out of the southwest corner. This twinkly blue ribbon divides the city into two distinct regions: the Right Bank and Left Bank. Paris owes much of its charm to the river, due in part to the thirty-three bridges that cross over the top of it.  Each bridge is a work of art; some are festooned with elaborate statues, some are dotted with lampposts, and some are painted bright, festive colors. The Alexander the Third Bridge is perhaps the most highly decorated, with enormous candelabras, cupids, lions and cherubs, all guarded by gleaming copper Nymphs of the Seine. We highly recommend that you schedule some bridge time into your trip to Paris; there is something lovely about holding hands and strolling over a bridge and looking over into the water while a misty fog rolls in. For the opposite perspective, take a boat ride on the river itself. Twilight is best…


Place de l’Opéra

If you have ever been captivated by the Phantom of the Opera, then you will certainly want to visit the site of that most infamous love story. The Paris Opera House was erected in 1862, a triumphal monument to Napoleon III’s burgeoning empire. The architect Charles Garnier designed the building down to the very last intricate detail. From the grand staircase that looks like an enormous “Y” to the precious materials used throughout – marble, bronze, onyx and gold leaf – to the luxurious accoutrements of textured fabrics and sparkling chandeliers, it is immediately clear that no extravagance was spared. What ghost wouldn’t want to stay here? True to the Phantom story, a lake does indeed run through the underground labyrinth below the building, though most tours will only take you through the upstairs. Don’t miss the enormous chandelier in the main auditorium that weighs over six tons… oooh! Was that a touch of cool air on the back of your neck?


La Tour Eiffel

The ultimate icon of Paris, the Eiffel Tower seems like the most obvious choice of them all. But don’t miss it just because you think you know what it’s all about. You simply must stand in line, get your ticket, and smush into the elevator with people happily chattering in all different languages and head straight to the top. Once you’re there, brave the wind and head out to the balcony, where all of Paris is spread out before you like a glittering jewel; the Seine meanders down the middle and the clouds drift over it all… yes! That’s your cue to kiss! 

Additional Information


Place de l’Opéra

Phone: 01 40 01 25 14


La Tour Eiffel

Champ de Mars

75007 Paris

Phone: 01 44 11 23 45

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