Best Place to Stay: 


Unlike many places in Las Vegas where the glitter seems a bit tarnished, the Bellagio is a monument of true opulence. We admit it: this is our favorite hotel in Las Vegas, no questions asked. The restaurants are first class flights of fancy, featuring world-renowned chefs like Jean-George Vongerichten (Prime), Mark Poidevin (Le Cirque) and Julian Serrano (Picasso). The shopping is among the best you'll find anywhere, from Tiffany to Prada to Chanel. Even the coffee shop is a delight: Italian flags line the walls, cappuccinos are served in steaming ceramic cups, and a delectable assortment of pastries truly melt in your mouth. Oh, and have we mentioned the fine art museum? Bottom line: even if you can't stay at the Bellagio, at least come for dinner at Picasso, or to watch "O" or to enjoy a cool cup of gelato... whatever you see and do, you won't regret it, and that's a promise!

The Venetian

The candy-striped poles and hat-wearing valets that greet you upon entrance to the Venetian are your first clue that you're in for a special treat. Make your way past the huge chandelier and the sparkling blackjack tables, and you'll find an assortment of restaurants, clubs and stores that will give you the tiniest hint of what it would be like to visit Italy. From the "patio" of the restaurant Caravaggio, you'll have a front-row view on the square, where singers and actors dressed in period regalia dance and sing and enact miniature dramas throughout the day, while gondoliers whisk lucky passengers up the canals on either side.

Mandalay Bay

If the Bellagio seems too grand and the Venetian too put-upon, you need to head straight for the Mandalay Bay Resort. With a relaxed atmosphere that includes a shark reef and a for-real beach with a taco stand, the Mandalay manages to be both luxurious and great fun at the same time. From romping stomping club-like spots such as Rum Jungle, where sheets of water cascade down the walls to the pulsing beat of the music, to sophisticated restaurants like Charlie Palmer's Aureole, the Mandalay will keep you guessing. Eat, play or swim to your heart's content - oh, and a mid-afternoon snooze on the sand isn't so bad, either!

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