Be Sure Not To Miss:


The brochure for "O" promises a feast for the senses:. We assure you: it delivers. This Cirque du Soliel extravaganza is sold out months in advance for a very good reason: the costumes are a dizzying array of feather and fluff, a mix of diverse cultures and past and present periods like nothing you've ever seen: a little bit street fair, a little bit opera, a little bit enchanted dreamscape.

The music is likewise a blend of disparate sources, from rhythmic African chants to wailing Celtic vocals to ethereal Indian melodies, all designed to take you to places far, far away from the desert. So call ahead and reserve those tickets: the two hours you spend in that seat will be among the most enchanting of your whole trip. Bonus tip: pick up the CD on your way out. It will take you back to that magical mood, if ever so slightly, once you're safely home again...

The Rasul Room at the Canyon Ranch Spa

Most spa treatments are solitary excursions to bliss, designed to take you away to that wonderful "other" state of mind all by yourself. This one is different: book the Rasul Ceremony treatment at the Canyon Ranch Spa in the Venetian, and you'll be transported to a Middle Eastern fantasyland for two in the blink of an eye. The treatment room might have been designed by Aladdin himself: cobalt blue tiles line the walls and a bubble shape dome crowns the ceiling. The attendant will courteously take leave of you after delivering materials and instructions. First, you'll daub each other with clays made from rare minerals in shades of mustard and terracotta, while heady incense threads through the air. Next you'll each sit in a throne-like chair while the clays do their work, and later, you'll watch in amazement as the star-studded ceiling begins to drip warm water like rain, rinsing your skin and leaving you in a otherworldly state of mind and body.

Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues

You might not be terribly eager to crawl out of bed on Sunday morning to eat grits and listen to gospel music. You stayed out too late, your feet are tired from all that walking, you don't really like breakfast anyway... hey! Enough excuses already! Set the alarm: get up: go. How many opportunities will you get to sit in a place covered with bottle caps and hot sauce and funky Latin-African-American art while downing buttery gravy-colored biscuits with cheesy grits and clapping in tune to the rousing sound of King Jesus is All? That's what we thought. Set that alarm.