Best Places to Kiss: 

The Fountain in front of the Bellagio

Here's what you absolutely must do while in Las Vegas: sometime after sunset, take your darling by the hand and walk to a spot in front of the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel. Stand close to one another and wait for the show to begin. As you watch the powerful jets of water that dance to the strains of Andrea Bocelli, you'll experience a sense of awe at the perfect juxtaposition between yin and yang, beauty and force, serenity and power. Stay for the entire song, complete with a crashing crescendo at the end. Enjoy the few drops of water that splashed on your arm. Smile at one another afterwards, and think about how your own love mimics the dance of the fountain...

On a gondola in the Venetian

No, you won't accidentally think you're in Venice. The water is too blue, the air too warm and the gondola too shiny. But that doesn't make this ride any less romantic: suspend your critical mind for a moment and surrender to the fantasy. Close your eyes and lean close to your partner while the gondolier cheerfully maneuvers the little craft through the make-believe canals. Enjoy the warbling vibrato of his voice as he sings an Italian operetta, and pretend that he's singing for your ears only. The fact that you're with the person you love, participating in this grand act of grown-up make believe, is sweet enough to make your heart beat harder. And that's nothing to sniff at.

On top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

It's not a convincing substitute for the real thing, but it's not awful... the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel gives you a little flimmer of joy as you go up, up, up, and an even bigger one if you're standing at the top with someone you love. Take in the view, and huddle close to each other while you whisper plans for the real trip you're going to take to that most romantic city someday soon (right?!). Consider this to be a warm-up.