Sexiest Hot Spots:

Before you check in for your restaurant reservation in North Beach, stop by The Bubble Lounge for a flute of champagne to start the evening off right. Settle into one of the plush oversize chairs and let the bubbles go to your head while you whisper in your darling's ear. Who knows? You might decide to skip the reservation and head home early!

You won't be able to whisper at the Matrix on Fillmore, but then your eyes will be too occupied to talk much anyway as you stand in line with the other hip young things. Dark plum-colored couches rim the edges of this vampy space, and cocktail tables in the shapes of the letters S E X are scattered throughout. For an extra bonus, ask to be seated in one of the small red-curtained booths, where you can snuggle without an audience.

What could be more erotic than a paint-splashed canvas? To catch up on your art-gazing, head to SFMOMA, where a blend of show-stopping modern art is displayed in an equally gorgeous building. In between floors, take a break at the cafe for a foamy latte, or head to the gift shop, where you can find everything from chunky coffee table books to artisan-crafted jewelry. Hot spot, indeed.


Additional Information



The Bubble Lounge

o 495 Geary Street
o 415.775.4700

Matrix at Fillmore

o 3138 Fillmore Street
o 415.563.4180

o 151 3rd Street
o 415.357.4000
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