Most Romantic Restaurants:

La Piazzetta


da Paolino

If you weren't in love before you arrived at this restaurant, you will be before you leave. Upon arrival, you'll be escorted to a small table on a terrace beneath a lemon grove. The lemons are close enough to pluck, and they perfume the air with a divine citrus-y essence that will have your mouth watering for a tiny glass of the house Limoncello. The food is rustic and delicious, from an assortment of fresh seafood to a dazzling array of Italian desserts.

Though Goethe didn't have the good fortune to visit da Paolino, his words are perfectly apropos of this magical place: "Under that sky of lemons as big as stars I'd like to go with you, my love," he wrote, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Via Palazzo a Mare, 11 - 80073 Capri
Tel. +39 081 8376102 - Fax: +39 081 837561

Il Cucciolo

Call the restaurant and schedule a pickup from the complimentary shuttle, then jump inside and get ready for a wonderful evening. This charming eatery is tucked away on a little street in Anacapri like a hidden treasure. We recommend a seat on the terrace, which is strung with tiny, romantic lights, and offers a stunning, panoramic view of the water. Ask the waiter for recommendations on what to order, and whatever comes out of the kitchen will be spectacular.

Via La Fabbrica, 52 - 80071 Anacapri
Tel. +39 081 8371917


Just a few meters from the main square, La Piazzetta, you'll find the oldest restaurant on the island, the Ristorante Pizzeria Aurora. But don't be fooled by its age or the word "Pizzeria" in the title: the food has garnered reviews from Wine Spectator and Gourmet, and is among the best places to eat on the island. From delectable and surprising seafood dishes to local Italian specialties, the cuisine is a gourmet's delight. Even better, the restaurant has an impressive 250-label wine list, so you're sure to find a bottle or two that strike your fancy. Mangia!

Via Fuorlovado, 18-22 - 80073 Capri
Tel. +39 0818370181 - Fax: +39 0818376533