Best Places to Kiss: 

The Blue Grotto

A visit to the Blue Grotto is a truly magical experience. From Anacapri, small signs point the way to a narrow staircase that leads down to a landing in front of which tiny boats bob in the water, waiting for passengers. Hail one of the boats, and the driver will join the que to the legendary cave, where you'll have to duck down in order to pass through the slim entrance. Once inside, you'll gasp at the sight: sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and shines back up through the water, creating a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern, as if someone was holding a flashlight beneath the water. The blue glow is ethereal, bathing the whole space in a soft, misty light. If you're lucky, the boat driver will sing an Italian operetta as he rows you around the cave, and his voice will resonate off of the walls and straight into your heart. Bellissimo!

Villa San Michele

In the late1800's, a doctor named Axel Munthe visited Capri Island, and never left. He built a lovely Greek-inspired villa set atop a bluff on Anacapri, with a 360 degree view of the island, and became a respected writer while cultivating a lively interest in art, culture and the local flora and fauna. His home and grounds are now open to tourists, and we heartily recommend that you stop by. The tiny street that leads to the Villa is dotted with charming shops and perfumeries, but make sure you reach the end! Once there, take a leisurely walk around the grounds, where you'll find part of Munthe's breathtaking sculpture collection, a tiny chapel and a bird sanctuary. There's no way you'll be able to stop yourself from kissing the lucky person next to you.

Viale Axel Munthe - 80071 Anacapri
Tel. +39 081 8371401 - Fax: +39 081 8373279


Ride the chair lift to Monte Solaro

Situated just beneath the Capri Palace Hotel in Anacapri is a slender chair lift that glides up to Monte Salaro. The vista on top provides an incredible panoramic view of the island and the entire expanse of Technicolor Blue water that stretches out far as the eye can see. So jump into one of the swinging chairs (sorry, one person per seat - you'll have to forsake your honey for just a little bit) - swing your legs and soak in the view as you climb up, up to the top, where you'll have your breath taken away by what you see there. Bring your camera!