Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Fondue


Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Fondue

With wine already in the fondue, why not pour a glass alongside? The dark chocolate can stand up to whatever you're in the mood for, so go ahead and break out that big, juicy Cabernet for a double dose of decadence.


This simple fondue has only four ingredients, and yet it tastes simply divine. The secret to this recipe is in the quality of the chocolate... only buy the very best chocolate you can find, preferably in bar form, and melt it verrrrry slowly to keep it from burning. Fill up your favorite tray (that antique silver one would be perfect) with the right dippers (angel food cake and strawberries are our favorites!), light the candles and savor every bite!


1/2 cup heavy cream
10 oz. Bittersweet chocolate - use chips or cut a bar into pieces
1/2 c. red wine
1/2 tsp. chili powder

How to Serve:

Stovetop: in a heavy saucepan, heat the cream until it bubbles, and drop in the chocolate, immediately reducing heat. Stir slowly until the chocolate melts, then stir in the wine and chili powder until smooth and well combined.

Microwave: place the chocolate in a small glass bowl and heat on high for 2 minutes.

Once chocolate has melted, stir in the wine and chili powder until smooth and heat again to combine all ingredients.

Transfer mixture to a fondue pot and light a low flame, or pour into a warmed ceramic dish and serve immediately. Serve with dippers.

Wine Pairings:
Create a platter with an assortment of fun and delicious dippers, such as the following:

Graham cracker pieces
Fruit slices/chunks: strawberries, grapes, oranges
Cream cheese balls, made by shaping small chunks of chilled cream cheese and rolling them in cocoa powder and cinnamon
Small pieces of candy bars, like Snickers or Mars Bar
Cake squares - angel food, chocolate, lemon
Brownies or pieces of cookies

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